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I offer my opponents a bargain:  if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.  Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952
1 August 2010

Making The Case for the Bush Tax Cuts by Fred Thompson

On Dec. 31, 2010, the historic Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 will automatically expire if Congress does not act; assuring almost every working American will be hit with a massive, across-the-board tax increase. Worse yet, many economists believe allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire will be devastating to the economy.
“When we pass the tax boundary of Jan. 1, 2011, my best guess is that the train goes off the tracks and we get our worst nightmare of a severe ‘double dip’ recession,” wrote economist Art Laffer in a Wall Street Journal
Known on Capitol Hill as the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, these two historic tax cuts pulled the U.S. economy out of the throws of recession following the “dot-com bust” of the late ’90s and the post-9/11 shock to the U.S. economy.

The 2001 tax cuts, the largest since 1981, reduced individual income tax rates from 15, 28, 31, 36, and 39.6 percent to 10, 15, 25, 28, 33, and 35 percent. It also included a phased-in reduction in estate taxes, otherwise known as the “death tax,” with a full repeal in 2010.

  work in progress

 To Tax or Not to Tax- The GOP big lie 

Pathological Liars Anonymous- A play by Glynn Braman

Group Leader (GL)

Members present-       Michele Bachmann        
                                Rod Blagojevich
                                Betsy McCaughey
                                Sarah Palin
                                Joe Wilson
                                Mystery Guest
Members not present- Glenn Beck
                                Rush Limbaugh
Everyone is seated in folding chairs arranged in a circle with everyone facing inward. 

GL- Hello everyone. Welcome to the thirtieth meeting of the PLA. I'm so glad you could make it. We seem to short a couple of members. I understand that Rush is vacationing in the Dominican Republic and Glenn is off somewhere just being himself. I would to
begin this meeting by welcoming a new member to our little group. At this time will our newest member please stand up and introduce herself.

Betsy- Hi, I'm Betsy and I am a pathological liar.

Everyone- Hi Betsy.

GL- Betsy, will you please tell us why you are here.

Betsy- I am to one who first spoke about death panels...

GL- Which is a lie. Right Betsy?

Betsy- Yes. I guess so.

Sarah and Michele- They are no death panels!?

Joe (standing up and pointing his finger at Betsy)- You lie!

GL- Now Joe, do you remember what we said about such outbursts?
(Joe sits down again and folds his arms while scowling, but says nothing.)

GL- Now Sarah- Michele- remember, we've had already discussed this last week. Those so called death panels that supposedly in the health care bill are nothing more than discussion between the elderly or the terminally ill and their physician about their final wishes as to what is to happen if they should be incapable of making end of life decisions on their own. Do they want to be kept alive solely on life support or not. No bureaucrats are involved. Nothing is mandatory. No one is going to pull the plug on ole granny.

Joe (Standing up again, pointing at the GL.)- You lie!

GL- Sit down, Joe. Please Betsy, continue.

(Joe sits down)

Betsy- ...although I have found them in the bill...

GL- Now Betsy, you're regressing. There never were death panels in the health care bill. Remember that was about end of life consultations with your doctor in which he would be reimbursed for his time. This had been taken out because of people like you.

Michele- Did you hear that everyone, there are no death panels! And it's all because of us!

Sarah- You betcha, and I can see Russia from my house.

GL- Tina Fey! Why are you here? You don't need therapy!

Tina Fey as Sarah- I'm here because the real Sarah couldn't make it, so I came instead.

(The real Sarah enters.)

GL- Well she's here now.

Tina- Oops. Guess I'll be leaving now.

GL- I guess you will be.

Tina (as she gets up)- And now, I'll show you some fancy pageant walking.

(The real Sarah and Tina walks past each other exchanging glances. Sarah sits down as Tina exists.)

The real Sarah- Whatta I miss

GL- We were just discussing that there were no death panels...

Sarah- (interrupting) They're no death panels?

Michele- and it's all because of us.

Everyone, except the GL, Rod and Sarah- No more death panels.
No more death panels.

Sarah (joining in with the rest)-
No more death panels. No more death panels. No more death panels. No more death panels.

GL (loosing it totally)-


GL- Now that's much better.

Rod- F**king right

GL- Watch your language, Rod. No cursing is allowed here, but thanks anyway for your support. Let's change the subject and talk about something else. Rod, perhaps you would like to talk about your legal situation and remember whatever you say stays in this room. What is this about selling a Senate seat.

Rod- A f**king golden opportunity, but I'll be f**king exonerated.

GL- Rod, can you ever express yourself without swearing

Rod- F**king right I can. As I was f**king saying, I'll be
f**king exonerated when this is f**king over. The f**king jury is out  for the f**king time being, but they will f**king find me not f**king guilty of these f**king charges and the f**king federal prosecution will be f**king disgraced while I will be f**king vindicated. I f**king guarantee it. I want my f**king life back and I f**king intend to get it back. Those f**king prosecutors can kiss my f**king...

GL (interrupting Rod)- I believe I'm speaking for everyone here-  Rod will you please leave.

Rod- You're f**king right I will.

(Rod gets up and exists.)

Sarah- Boy, he sure does swear a lot.

Michele (Standing up and pointing at him up to the point he leaves the room and shuts the door behind him.)- The media should investigate him. What are his views. Are they American or anti-American. We need to know. He's going to prison and we can't have
anti-American views spread through the prisons. That would not be a good thing. There are criminals there; many of them will be released and will be given false name and will be secretly used as counselors in Americorps where they will indoctrinate our children to an anti-American, pro-socialist, anti-Christian, pro-Druid, anti-carnivore and pro-bestiality agenda. They, our children, will be brainwashed to be advocates for socialized medicine, socialized education, socialized child care, socialized capitalism, socialized baseball, socialized strip poker, socialized tiddly winks-

GL- Are you finished?

Michele (ignoring GL)- uh, this an part of an intergalactic conspiracy involving the UN which is controlled by those aliens from outer space and who are in control of the UN and fly around in black helicopters disguised as humans wearing black suits but were originally red suits but were dyed black and we all knows what that means. They're out to take away our liberties, our rifles, our land mines, our machine guns, our assault weapons, our mortars,
our artillery, our surface to air missiles, our tanks, our ballistic missiles - in other words, they will be taking away our second amendment rights and that would be very anti-American of them; Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...

GL (whispering into a cell phone as Michelle rants on)- Security, get here as soon as possible and bring a straight jacket. Michelle is out of control again.

Michele- ... and that would not be a good thing. More of those aliens are already sneaking across the Mexican border all the time and are out to destroy our American way of life and our American values. They are the foot soldiers of an alien takeover of our nation. Remember these aliens already control the UN and would like nothing better than take over our country. The media should investigate this and be pro-American, pro-Christian, pro-capitalism, pro-torture and pro castration in their duty to save our nation from those people who are out to destroy our country and our way of life. We should be like blood brothers and slit our wrists because God wants us to slit out wrists, then pray that by slitting our wrists as Gods wants us to, we will be victorious in our struggle to save our country from being gutted, just by slitting our wrists.              We are 
seeing the heart of America  viciously and violently ripped out and stomped on and flatten and the bloody entrails and guts of our America, ripped out, spread out, trampled upon and beaten to a pulp, creating a really big, bloody mess...

(Security detail of two uniformed men enter and seizes Michele and proceeds to put her in a straight jacket.)

Wait, I'm not finished- we must fight, fight, fight. Remember, a little revolution now and then can be a good thing. Don't step on me- I mean tread on me. Our soil must be drenched with blood of patricians, uh I mean patriots or is that tyrants or maybe both
; Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...

(Michelle exits escorted by security while wearing a straight jacket.)

Sarah- Boy she sure does talk a lot.

Rod's Voice- F**king right!
(Shouting)- Rod, leave the building. NOW!

's Voice (Shouting)- F**k you!

GL- Sarah, why don' we talk about some of the lies you have told lately?

Sarah- I don't know. I can't think of any.

GL- Sarah, you don't seem quite yourself today.

Betsy- Maybe it's because she's not Sarah.

GL ( Pause)-You're Tina?

The fake real Sarah- Gotcha. You betcha.

GL- Then... that... was... the real Sarah who left?

The fake real Sarah aka Tina Fey- You betcha.

Joe (Standing up and pointing his finger at whomever.)- You lie!

GL- Yes Joe, we know she lied. Now will you please sit down again.

sits down again.)

GL- I swear, I just can't seem to tell you two apart. What is going on?

Tina- Sarah wanted the time off to make money giving speeches to her fans. After all, she was here only because of her shrink. So Sarah was pretending to be me pretending to be her.

GL- And now you're pretending to be Sarah pretending to be you pretending to be Sarah.

Tina- You betcha.
I'm also pretending to be Sarah pretending to be me pretending to be Sarah pretending to be me.

GL- Uh (Pause) Why?

Tina- She paid me $10,000, which is what she probably makes just signing autographs everyday.

Betsy- I'd do it for that much money.

Rod's voice
(Shouting)- Another f**king golden opportunity.

GL (Shouting)- Rod if you don't leave the building right now, I will have the security escort you out!

Rod's voice (Shouting)- F**k you!

GL- Tina, I'm going to have to ask you to leave also.

Tina- You betcha.

(Tina gets up and exists, passing Glenn who is just arriving.)

GL- Mr. Beck, you're late.

Glenn (Standing in the doorway)- Actually, I'm just in time- just in time to expose you for who and what you are.

GL- Oh, god.

- Your father's first name was Frederick, but went by his nickname Fred. If you drop the "F" from Fred you are left with "red". Your mother's maiden name was Friend which seems innocent enough until you realize that "Friend" is speciously like comrade in meaning. And that every other letter in "Friend" also spells "red". Furthermore your mother's first name is Brenda, which also has the letters "r", "e" and "d".

You drive a red Gremlin from the 1960's and we all know what that means. The license plate of your red Gremlin is RD132. The meaning of the "r" and "d" is obvious, but not as obvious is the "1, the "2" and "3", but when they are multiplied, the sum of them is 6. Notice that the last number is 3. If you repeat 6 three times you have 666. Obvious proof that you hate Christians. You dye your hair red. You live in a red brick house on Mockingbird Lane, in which ends with an "r" and a "d", which are also the first and last letters of "red". Furthermore, your favorite color is red. Everything about you screams red, comrade.

GL (Speaking in an agitated voice)- Actually my favorite color is blue which is also the color of my car, my
license plate begins with an "r" and ends with a "b", the solution to the multiplication of two numbers is their product and not their sum and I'm a natural redhead who used to dye her hair blonde and furthermore what does any of this have to do with anything?

Glenn- So you admit that your a "red".

Betsy (Looking at Glenn.)- She does?

Betsy (Looking at GL.)- You do?

GL (Astonished)- If you mean a communist, the answer is no. I only admitted to be a natural redhead.

Joe (Standing up & pointing his finger at GL.)- You lie!

Betsy (Looking at Joe.)- She lies?

Betsy (Looking at GL.)- You lie?

(GL does not respond to Joe & Joe sits down.)

Glenn- Then what about your address on Mockingbird Lane being 1854.

GL- What's your point?

Glenn- Don't pretend you're innocent. As you very well know "r" is 18th letter of the alphabet. Now what
are the "5th" and "4th" letters.

GL (Very irritated)- The "e" and "d". This is
all gibberish. I'm leaving. This meeting is now adjourned.

Glenn- You can run, but you cannot hide.

Joe (Stands up & once more points his finger at GL. He remains standing)- Liar, liar pants on fire.

Betsy (Pointing at GL)- But she's wearing a skirt.

Sarah or Tina (Enters)- Excuse me, but did I leave my purse in here?

Rod's voice (Shouting)- There's no excuse for you, you f**king bitch.

Sarah or Tina (Pretending to ignore Rod)- Where's Michele?

Glenn- Oh yes, Where is Michele? What have you done with her?

Rod's voice (Kind of singing)- They f**king came take her away to the f**king funny farm. Where life is f**king beautiful all the f**king time and she'll will be f**king happy to see those f**king nice young men in their f**king clean white coats. They f**king came take her away, f**king ho-ho, f**king hee-hee, f**king ha-haaa.

Sarah or Tina (Looking at Betsy.)- He sure doesn't sing very well.

Betsy (Looking at Sarah or Tina.)- He sure doesn't.

Rod's voice- F**k you, you f**king bitches!

Glenn- So you had her abducted and dragged off to some FEMA camp.

Rush (Just arriving)- Just got back from vacation. I got a lot of cheap Viagra. Would anyone like to buy some.

Rod's voice (Shouting)- F**king right. I'll take some.

Rush- Where's Michele?

Glenn- She was taken away by men in white coats...

Rod (Interrupting Glenn.)-
F**king right!

Glenn- ...to a FEMA camp, no doubt.

Rush (Agitated)- So you're a part of that liberal conspiracy- out to silence your opponents. You would no doubt deprive men like me; men whose talent came on loan from God himself; men like me with well over 20,000,000 dildoheads listening to my every word and would always follow my lead and because of this; people of your kind cannot accept this. You would deprive men like me of their Viagra and have them circumscribed and maybe even castrated, just out of spite. But my dildoheads- uh, I mean dittoheads (pause) will not allow these things to happen to me and liberals like you just can't stand that. You liberals secretly are envious of me and my dildohead, er dittohead following and just can't stand my popularity and my greatness- the very greatness bestowed upon me by God himself. And you liberals want to steal the very manhood God, with whom I am on a first name basis which is another thing you can't accept; this is very manhood that 
God  gave me himself; and you spiteful liberals want to deprive me of this.

Betsy (Standing up & looking at GL)- There are too death panels!

Rush (Looking at Betsy)- Not now- uh, but soon- uh, when this health care bill goes into effect.

Rush (Looking at GL again)- But for now- more importantly- I don't want any of you people touching my ...

GL (Interrupting Rush)- Oh hell.

Rush- Its off limits to you liberals and so are my ...

GL (Interrupting Rush again)- F**k this. I quit!

To Sharron Angle GOP candidate for US Senate seat from Nevada,
I saw you on TV running away from your own press conference just minutes after it begun. What's a matter? Can't handle those really tough questions?  Well, what can I say except, When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Or maybe, She who quits and runs away, lives to quit another day.

To Kris Kobach , a GOP candidate for Secretary of State of Kansas,

As a former Republican Party chairman for Kansas, you are truly proving your partisan colors by manufacturing an issue to run on for Secretary of State- the state office with the responsibility of oversight for elections. With the support of ex-Senators Fred Thompson and John Ashcroft  and the backing of tea party crowd as well, you seem to be a cinch to get your party nomination this coming Tuesday.

As a Republican, running for office in a
predominately Republican state, you  have an edge in your quest to get elected Secretary of State. So why do you need to campaign on the issue of voter fraud even though no evidence exists that this is a problem in the state? The simple answer is that you are a political hack who adheres to creed that the means are justified if it advances of your political career.

You seem to be quite sure that illegal aliens might be registered to vote in the Southwestern Kansas meatpacking industry. These are the same people who are so fearful of being deported that health issues within their families are deferred until they becomes serious and thus are taken up at the ER. It is extremely doubtful that they would have any desire to register. The last Republican Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh
, who had resigned early this year, has disputed this contention, as has the current Secretary, Democrat Chris Biggs, who was appointed as a replacement for the former in February of this year. You are now running for a four term of that office.

There were only seven cases exist of voter fraud for the
last ten years and none of them involved illegal aliens. Wichita State University political science professor Ken Ciboski, who is a conservative and a Republican, accused Kobach of creating an issue to run on; that "he wants it to be an issue and he wants to be a big issue". You're argument is that is all that we know of and might there be more? Tom, you're just another political hack who has gone fishing. *
*Source- The Wichita Eagle

To ex Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois,
So the jury is out on judging your guilt insofar as attempting to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat, which would have been a (expletive deleted) golden opportunity for you. I understand that if this charge
filed against you is proven and you are convicted of it, as well as the other charges filed, you could serve up to 415 years in prison. But you shouldn't worry. Maybe you'll serve only a couple of centuries and get out early for good behavior.

To Sarah Palin,
Let me this straight. You think President Obama is inexperienced and not up to the job of being President. And supposedly you, who quit your job as governor in mid term because of those
pesky ethic complaints, are qualified. Sarah, even with a few years as a mayor added to your resume, you are not even 1/100th as qualified to be President as that young politician from Illinois with a law degree, who had no administrative experience, but did spend some time in the Illinois state legislature and on Capital Hill in Washington representing his constituents back home in Illinois. That politician had the ability and intelligence to grow within the job and perform the duties of the office of the US President. There were other governors whose administrative experience did not insure a successful presidency, such as Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. The demands of the US Presidency are infinitely greater than those of being mayor of Wassail or of serving out a half of term as the governor of Alaska. And you are certainly not as qualified to be President as Abraham Lincoln, whose political enemies had put forth similar arguments as yourself. It was of Lincoln of whom I had earlier written about, not our current President. But I would argue that President Obama has similar qualities. As for yourself, you are in the words of Keith Olbermann, an idiot.

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