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15 August 2010

Sharron Angle & Hispanics

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says "I don't know how any Hispanic can vote Republican" and the Republican candidate seeking to unseat him for the Senate seat gets upset. Why is that? It has been reported that Sharron Angle declines to invite Hispanic reporters to her press conferences which probably does not mean much since she tends to flee from reporters. But to not send any press releases to the Hispanic media does not make any sense. Hispanics make up 14% of the population of Nevada and yet she snubs the media outlets to this market. In denying such a thing, she trots out her Hispanic daughter-in-law as proof that she have no animosity towards the Hispanic community. And yet, how can one ignore the widespread complaints from the Hispanic media?

But Sharron Angle has been content in only snubbing the Hispanic media, she has apparently written off the Hispanic vote as well. This is very apparent in the running her racist campaign ads geared toward increasing her support from White voters while hoping such support would offset the alienated Hispanics voting for her opponent, the incumbent Senator, Harry Reed. Political ads were on television showing Mexican males supposedly entering the nation across the Southern border from Latin America. These ads were obviously designed to invoke fear from the white electorate. But not being satisfied with her bigoted campaign, she turned it into a total farce by speaking before a group of Hispanic children attending their public school. Her reaction was to play dumb which is something she really excels in doing. There when she was asked about the meaning of such political ads by a Hispanic student, she questioned if the men shown were actually Hispanic. She said that they might have been Asian and that she thought much of her audience looked Asian and furthermore what was portrayed in those political ads could have been illegal immigrants entering the nation across the Canadian border. So she is saying we have a problem with illegal Asian migrants coming from the North from Canada? Does anyone really believes this BS?

Sharron Angle's T-party for Docs

What if someone threw a T-party and hardly anyone bothered to attend. Twas the National Doctors T-party on the 9th of August in sunny San Diego, which attracted a few hundred T-party protesters and some activists wearing white lab coats, passing themselves as local physicians. At least one man attending was not what one thinks of as being a medical doctor. Craig Brown, a psychiatrist, put on one of those white lab coats and hung a stethoscope around his neck. He informed the San Diego Union-Tribune that he one had to scrounge up of those lab coats for the protest, because he was encouraged to by the T-party’s website. In actuality, only two local San Diego medical doctors that belong to the sponsoring group was in attendance.

The object of their displeasure was the relatively recent passage of the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare”. Another such event took place in Philadelphia, which also had a lower than expected turnout. Perhaps lowered expectations is the key to success for these T-parties; if one expects no one to show up, a few hundred attending might very well seem impressive. 

After speaking to the attending physicians, expressing her gratitude for “standing up for freedom and liberty”, Senate candidate Sharron Angle ran away from reporters. Once the Senatorial candidate was safely incommunicado, a spokesman for her proclaimed that "she was definitely here and available to answer questions." That is, as one may assume, if she can be found.

Sponsoring this grand event, was the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, whose name only sounds mainstream.
In reality this a far-right organization only slightly to the left of Attila the Hun. Among their core beliefs are that the
establishment of Medicare  was both "evil" and “immoral”; that no link exists between HIV and AIDS; that abortion might be a cause for breast cancer; and the electoral elevation of Barack Obama from the Senate to the White House may have been the clever, covert usage of some kind of hypnosis as means of getting votes. Now if everyone will just clap their hands, Tinkerbell will live again.


To Representative John Boehner of Ohio,

You're on record of calling teachers special interests by virtue of union membership and that you will not “pad the education bureaucracy.” What are you talking about? What about the children that teachers teach? Are they not our nation's future? By opposing the federal help to prevent 300,000 teachers from being laid off, what makes you think that no harm will come to the education of the nation's children? Do us all a favor and stop playing politics with our children and the nations future. You're message to our children seems to be FU! Back at ya.


To Rush Limbaugh,

What's with this criticism of Michelle Obama vacationing in Spain with her children. As with the Clinton's, you seem to criticize virtually everything that the Obama's do. When Laura Bush went to Africa, did you the heap your criticism upon her for her travel overseas? No? Double standard? You bet.

     Glynn                                           Braman

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