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10 March 2011

Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence.  Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.William E. Gladstone, 1866

The following is a revised copy of an e-mail sent to the former baptist minister & ex-governor of Arkansas.

To ex-gov Mike Huckabee,

What would it be worth if you won the presidency if you lose your soul along the way there? As a ex-minister, you should very well know of what that question addresses. You should also be aware of the biblical commandment against bearing false witness is not followed by an asterisk directing one to a footnote proclaiming that on matters of politics, that this directive is null & void.

One time I thought you had integrity. Recently I have discovered that I was wrong. In trying to portray President Obama's world view, just about everything you have said about him is false. Let me now enumerate the lies you have uttered about our President in an attempt to portray him as not really being a true American. As you very well know, these are the remarks you have made about Obama in a series of interviews with right-wingers.

1)In the first one, you spoke of Obama being raised in Kenya. That is lie #1. The truth is he grew up in Hawaii, with the only exception being the 4 yrs. he lived in Indonesia from the ages 6 to 10. His mother raised him up to his 10th yr. & his grandparents in the years thereafter.

2)Lie #2 is that he developed anti-British, anti-colonial views from his Kenyan father & grandfather. The truth is that he never went  to Kenya until he had already became an adult. His father moved back to Kenya from the U.S. when he was 2, leaving him behind with his mother. A divorce followed & neither his father or grandfather had anything to do with his upbringing. There is no way he could have been influenced by either one of them since he had no interactions either one of them. The 3rd lie is about Obama was influenced by events that occurred in Kenya, such as the Mau Mau uprising against the British colonial rule.

3)The 4th lie came in an pseudo-apology. This is when you claimed to have misspoken about growing up in Kenya. If this were true, you also misspoken about his relationship with father & grandfather, not to mention being influenced by the Mau Mau uprising. That revolt took place in Kenya, not in either Hawaii or Indonesia. If you had misspoken about his childhood in Kenya, it stands to reason that you had misspoken about everything you said about Obama in that interview. The  pseudo-apology  itself was a lie.
4)The 5th lie pertains to his schooling in Indonesia- that he attended a madrassa*. What you had in mind was obviously an religious institution. This is a lie by implication. Madrassa is Arabic for school. The madrassa he attended was more secular. This was for 1 year. The other 3 yrs. he attended a Catholic madrassa.

5)This brings us to the final lie about Obama in the 3rd interview- that the environment he grew up in was foreign, thus depriving him of a truly American experience. As I recall, it was in a place where there were no Rotary Clubs, Boy Scouts or Little League. However Hawaii does in fact have Rotary Cubs and young Barack Obama was a Boy Scout**. He never was in the Little League- his sport was basketball, not baseball. I understand that his high school basketball team even won the state championship. Remember, Hawaii is the 50th state and therefore American even though it is hardly Arkansas. One part of the American experience he was not exposed to was the Ku Klux Klan. The KKK did not develop in Multi-cultural Hawaii as it did in your home state, Arkansas.

Treating others as you expect to be treated- is this something you truly believe in? or is it something to merely give lip service to? I always believed that as imperfect as we are as humans, living up to such standard is imposable. It is in the attempt to live up to this standard, which is AKA the golden rule, that makes one a better person. This means at times going against your own perceived self interest in the name of what is right. Perhaps you disagree.

You sir are a couch potato Christian. That is a Christian who would not work up a sweat in the practice of his faith. You are also a Christian of convenience, being a Christian only when it is convenient. In short, I accuse you of being a phony. You want to be a President so badly that you will lie to get votes. You are willing to pander to fears & prejudices of your base. Salvation for you is just a license to sin. Go ahead and lie. All is forgiven. You're pathetic. Furthermore you owe our president an apology- a real apology. Fat chance of that ever happening.

*This statement might be in error. It is also irrelevant since most Americans never joined the scouts. One more observation- the serial killer in Wichita known as BTK (bind, torture and kill) was a scout leader. That is just as relevant as whether or not Obama was or was not a Boy Scout.


To John Boehner,
Where are all of those damn jobs you promised!!!

 GYNN                                                                     BRAMAN


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