CPC Report; An unabashedly liberal perspective 

2011- index

Cotton Patch Version of the Gospel (Mathew)

  Birth & Childhood of Jesus-- 25 December

John Quincy Adams-

  Inaugural Address-- 11 July

Winston Churchill-

  The  Iron Curtain Speech- 8 May

Fredrick Douglass-

  The Church & Prejudice-- 1 February

  Fighting Rebels with Only One Hand-- 1 February

   On Abraham Lincoln-- 12 February

  What the Black Man Wants-- 1 February

Benjamin Franklin-

  To the Royal Academy of Farting- 1 April

Patrick Henry-

  Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death Speech-- 4 July

Langston Hughes-

  My People-- 1 February

  A New Song-- 1 February

  Some Free Verse-- 1 February

Martin Luther King-

Lyndon B. Johnson-

  Inaugural Address-- 27 August

George Kennan-

 The Sources of Soviet Conduct- 8 May

Abraham Lincoln-

  Eulogy of Henry Clay--  4 July

Walter Lippman-

 The Cold War-- 8 May

James Madison-

  1st Inaugural Address-- 16 March

  2nd Inaugural Address-- 16 March

  On Religious Freedom-- 16 March

  War Message (1812)-- 16 March

George C. Marshall-
 "Marshall Plan" speech- 8 May

James Monroe-

  1st Inaugural Address-- 28 April

  2nd Inaugural Address-- 28 April

  Monroe Doctrine- Excerpt from President Monroe's 7th annual message to  Congress-- 2 December

Barack Obama-

  Address at the 1984 Dem. Convention- 4 August

  Acceptance Speech 2008 Dem. Convention- 4 August

Franklin D. Roosevelt-

  2nd Inaugural Address-- 30 January

  3rd Inaugural Address-- 12 April

  4th Inaugural Address-- 12 April

  Four Freedoms Speech-- 30 January

Harry S Truman-

   Inaugural Address-- 8 May

Mark Twain-

   As Regards Patriotism-- 30 November

George Washington-

  1st Inaugural Address-- 22 February

  2nd Inaugural Address-- 22 February

Daniel Webster-
  Oration Dedicating the
Bunker Hill Monument-- 17 June

Walt Whitman- 15 April
   Abraham Lincoln, February 1809
   O Captain, My
   When the Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed



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